Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's official!

We officially have a walker. My post earlier was a bit premature. I should've waited until the end of the day for her to surprise me. After her nap she took 96 steps in a row and didn't stop after that. She's still a little unstable but I think today we can say Lexi is a walker! I'm so proud of my girl. It was no easy feat getting to this place.


Today Lexi walked from the middle of our playroom out to the banister in the hallway without any assistance. It was probably 10 feet and about 15-20 steps. She's still battling some confidence issues but she can totally do it. The therapist gave me some techniques on how to get her to walk without holding onto our hand. At this point when we hold her hand and she walks she is putting hardly any weight or pressure on our hand. I knew she had the skills and ability to walk on her own but just needed something to push her to try it on her own. Today with some tips from her therapist she did it! I'm hopeful that soon she will be doing it 100% on her own once she has the courage. I cannot wait to having a walking baby! She's been pushing around her walker for 3 months now. It's TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today while I was holding Lexi's hand as she walked I let go briefly and she took a couple of steps on her own! Then she came crashing into my arms. She did this several times throughout the day. It has been a long time coming. I don't know that she will be fully walking on her own really soon because she still has some balance issues but I was beyond thrilled. We are ordering her special arch supports because one of her legs is slightly weaker than the other and she likes to put most of her weight on her left foot. Hopefully with that addition and a little more practice we'll have a walker soon. I'm hoping by 18 months she'll be doing it all on her own. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Answer: Yes, it would.