Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Is it really possible that my baby is already a year and a half old? I'm having a hard time accepting this, but at the same time I have to admit that this age is the most fun yet and it seems that with every day that passes I am enjoying The Chubs more and more (and I really didn't think that was possible!).

Lexi is starting to catch up fast. For 9 months she literally did nothing but sit with her hands in front not touching anything. She didn't even have protective reflexes because her spd was so bad (she didn't want her hands to touch the floor, or anything for that matter). Now that she has been in therapy I have really seen her flourish. She had a lot of skills to catch up on that she lost time with those first 9 months, but as each month passes she's started to finally possess the traits of a normal, healthy and developing 18 month old. To say I am proud of her is an understatement.

I don't think I've mentioned this yet but about a week or two after she started walking she started to crawl. I worked with her everyday for 8 months on this skill so I am so thrilled. Now she can crawl to an object, pull up and walk wherever she wants. This is a normal skill for most kids but for her to feel comfortable on her hands and knees crawling around is a huge deal for us. I really didn't know if she would ever crawl.

She isn't a huge talker (although her favorite words are "Duck", "Baby" and "Mama" and she loves making the "hoo hoo" noise for the owl in her room), she is big on signing and can put 3 signs together to make a sentence. I counted her sign repertoire and it is over 90 and counting. It has been a lifesaver since her verbal is lagging. A speech therapist is going to be working with her soon and I know this will help her take her signing ability and translate it to verbal communication, but for now I'm just thrilled to be able to communicate with her. I'm sure it has eliminated a lot of tantrums and for that I'm grateful.

Her observation skills are astounding to me. She will pick something out in a crowd and sign it before I have even seen it. Sometimes I have to look closely to see what she's referring to but I always end up finding it. The Hubs took her past the frozen food section the other day and she signed "fish". She must have seen a fish picture (or maybe even the word) on the packaging. Today I was wearing an American Eagle fleece with that tiny little embroidered eagle on the top left (which to me doesn't even really look like one) and she pointed and signed "bird". The hubs ran a marathon this weekend and she kept signing "dog". I couldn't see one anywhere until finally off in the distance I saw an owner with their dog. I would've never spotted it on my own. She loves signing and pointing to anything in a book that she recognizes.

My favorite thing is her dancing. She'll ask for "more music please" and then when I turn it on she dances around the room bopping and swaying to it. As soon as the song stops she asks for it again. This can drag on forever but it's so stinking cute that I can't help but keep playing more songs for her.

She is a hair terror. She likes to pull hair and it's not a good habit to develop especially since she will go for anyone and everyone's hair and yank super hard, giggling the whole time. On a playdate a few weeks ago she just kept walking around pulling all the kids hair. I had "that child". I recently purchased a doll with long brown hair for her so that we can practice being gentle. So far she just wants to pick up the doll by her hair and fling her across the room. I think we need to work a little harder in this area.

Lexi is so much more of a snuggler now than she was as a baby. Therapy has really helped in this area. Now she'll walk over to me and give me hugs and kisses. It melts my heart. I still remember when she would fuss or cry when I tried to hold her or rock her. She has come so far since then and actually craves the physical touch now. I finally get to cuddle my little girl and it's wonderful!

No matter how much I try to describe my little girl, it can't even begin to capture the little person she is. I love her more than life and I am so proud to be her mama.

Happy 1.5 years Bug!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Puke: I'm so done with you

It's no secret that vomit has been a part of everyday life since The Chubs was born. I mean, the title of my blog is "Spit Happens" which kind of explains things right out.

When the Chubs was an infant, she would spit up an average of 20 times with each feeding (and we wondered why she wasn't gaining much weight...). Then there were the occasional projectile pukes which were not only inconvenient but downright scary for a first time mom. Especially when the puke went through the nostrils.

Once the mouthfuls of spit up decreased and then stopped, the full fledged vomits began. Up until 10 months old when Lexi was still just drinking milk/formula, they weren't a huge deal. Trust me, I still was not thrilled to be cleaning up puddles of milk puke but at least the smell wasn't as potent and it certainly didn't stain too badly.

Although solid food intake was a huge milestone for us considering our battle with terrible reflux and oral aversion, it also introduced us to much more disgusting vomits. Many kids stop puking or spitting up once solids are introduced. Unfortunately, due to a history of reflux, terrible gag reflex and continued oral sensitivities, the puke did not stop. It is becoming increasingly less common, but it is still very much a part of our lives. I could never begin to count how many times I have cleaned up puke. It is definitely in the hundreds.

Before having Lexi I was a pukephobe. I hated anything having to due with anyone's puke. I couldn't even listen to a family member puke without freaking out. It was one of my major fears. After a pregnancy filled with morning sickness from start to finish (including an hour AFTER delivering The Chubs), I started to not fear it quite as much. Afterall, I had probably puked well over 500 times during pregnancy and it was no biggie. Now I think it was preparing me for having a reflux kiddo.

Today at lunch for no real rhyme or reason, Lexi gagged on something. It could've been something as minor as a tiny lump in her food, or that the spoon went back too far in her mouth. But as soon as this child gags, she starts puking and doesn't stop until her stomach is completely empty. Considering she had a sizeable lunch it was EVERYWHERE. Usually cleaning up after her for lunch is already a daunting task. She likes to play in her food as most toddlers do and fling bowls across the kitchen floor. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to fully clean up after her meal on a puke-free day. But when puke is added to the picture it adds a solid 15 minutes onto my clean up time because it gets in every crack and crevice of her highchair, all over her clothes and all over the floor. That means a new load of laundry, a mop job on the floor and a completely thorough cleaning of her high chair pad and chair.

Can I just say I feel like I deserve to be past this stage by now? Everyone expects an infant to spit up once in awhile. Occasionally the stomach flu hits and you have a day or two of puke that you have to deal with. But seriously, she is 1.5 years old now and I feel I should have a break from this weekly puke business. Many people say kids get over their reflux once they start walking. I have yet to see this change. Part of the problem is that most kids don't outgrow their reflux until they hit 9 to 10 kilos which for many kids is around 1 year of age. Since Lexi is a tiny one, she's not there yet. I'm hoping once she gets there we will be done with this. Although the puke doesn't disgust me nearly as much as it used to, it's still not pleasant to clean.

Puke, I'm so done with you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Reflections

Dear Lexi,

Having you as my daughter has been the most amazing gift I could have ever received. You were not an after thought, or a mistake. You were deeply wanted and anticipated for years. I used to sit and think about what our child might look like, what little personality they would possess, who they would most take after, and so on. You came into our world and knocked our socks off in every single area. Never in my life would I have dreamed that my daughter would be as amazing as you.

I still remember that day in the hospital when everyone was rushing around preparing for your arrival. The warming lamp snapped on over your bed, and I felt the most anticipation I have ever felt in my life. You were coming and you would be there very soon. I couldn't wait to hold you and finally answer so many questions in my head about who you would be. Then you arrived and as they placed you on my belly, I looked down into your blue eyes staring right back at me and instantly I fell in love. Nothing could ever be so amazingly perfect.

It's hard to fully explain how much you have changed me for the better, and how much you continue to teach me on a daily basis. We have been through so many ups and downs together and have formed a bond that is unmatched. The love I have for you could never be described with words.

Although our journey together has had it's share of obstacles, I am so proud of you for continually overcoming them. Nothing has come easily for you from the day you entered this world, and to see you press onward and meet every single challenge in your own time has me bursting with pride.

When you smile at me, or snuggle against my chest, I want to freeze time. Soon, I know you will be graduating high school, going to college and eventually marry some guy that hopefully measures up to your daddy. Until then, I will hold you close to me and savor these sweet moments we have together, knowing there are many more to come.

I love you very much Bug,