Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Times

I admit that I am guilty of often posting the negatives regarding The Chubs' refusal of food, or her development delays etc. Sometimes they can really get me down or overwhelm me and writing things out is often therapeutic for me. But I also realize that just as therapeutic as it is for me to write down my fears/worries/stresses, it is just as, if not more, beneficial for me to focus on all the great things that she is doing instead of dwelling on the progress she still needs to make.

Regardless of the feeding struggle and concerns about her gross motor skills (or what have you), this is an extremely fun time. The Chubs has become so interactive and is starting to communicate so much more. It's fun to see things "click" in her head as she figures out this big world. The most fun/exciting developments of late are these:

Without demonstrating it for her, she will do the following if we say these words:
  • Clap
  • Wave
  • Blow a Kiss (Instead of putting her hand over her own mouth she puts it over mine and lifts it off. It's adorable)
  • Where's my nose? (She'll grab the nose of whoever says this)
  • Where's Daddy (or Mommy) in a picture (Will point or put her hand on our faces)
  • Where's the ball? (She will grab the ball or stare at it)
  • High Five
  • Where's Baby? (There's a doll in her room that my mom made that whenever I say this she'll look at it and want to touch the doll's face)
She will also sign "milk" when I say "Do you want your baba (bottle)?"
She's started to try to sign "more", although it looks more like a clap since it's a similar motion. Today I tried showing her the sign for "Book" and "I love you" and she was trying really hard to do it.

She has started to seemingly intentionally call me mama. This mostly happens when I pick her up. She will look at me and go "mama". It's so cute.

So although she is still not doing several things, I'm choosing to focus on all the things that she is doing. It's fun to see her grow up and turn into a tiny little person. I'm so excited for this new year and all it has to offer.


  1. Ellie, I think it is great that you are focusing on the developments she is making. These milestones sound absolutely adorable. I know you are one proud mama!

  2. Don't forget she also knows "Where's kitty?" She's still having a little problem distinguishing the difference between Grama and Grampa, but half the time they sound the same to me too!! ;o)
    Can't wait to see her blow a kiss!!