Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have admittedly been a very bad blogger lately. I'm forcing myself to write because this blog serves more than the purpose of keeping family and friends up to date on Lexi, but it also is the equivalent to the calendar my mom used to jot things down on whenever we did something new. I've never been good with planners or calendars and have found this blog to be a great way to log everyday life with The Chubs. The problem is that when I go for a whole month without writing anything I start getting stressed that I've missed writing down a lot of important information. And as kids get older they become more independent but at the same time they are more work (in some ways) and I've found myself preoccupied with her most of the time with very little free time to sit down and blog. The days where she was taking 3-4 naps a day are long gone and sometimes her 1 nap is much shorter than I would like it to be.

So, enough explaining myself, I should probably get to the part where I catch up on all I've missed writing.

Here are some updates:
  • I'm not sure if I already wrote something about this, but Lexi has had a chronic double ear infection since at least March, but probably more like February or January because I was a typical FTM that didn't know her cues. She's had trapped fluid in her ear this entire time that won't drain on it's own even after several courses of antibiotics and it's effecting her hearing quite a bit which explains a lot of the speech delay going on. She's doing awesome with her sign language so we know that cognitively she is right on track if not advanced. The ENT guesses she has about 30-40% hearing loss due to the fluid. Because of this she is having tubes placed tomorrow. We're hoping that will help a lot.
  • She is now seeing a speech therapist who also is strongly thinking once her tubes are in that we'll see a huge change there. Especially since she was beginning to form words before all of this happened.
  • She is an excellent walker. She's been doing really well for awhile now. I no longer have to watch her at all. She can cruise around the house without me worrying about her taking a header into something. It's really given me a lot more freedom and she's so much happier now. She's starting to do better at following me in public places and listening to instruction but she does get pretty distracted by her surroundings!
  • Lexi is so much more affectionate now than she's ever been. She loves to give me kisses and hugs. My non-cuddler is now all about it. She even lets me rock her in the rocking chair before I put her down. Something she used to never let me do. I feel like her sensory issues are improving a lot.
  • She is now an avid jazzerciser. The video below says it all. We went to breakfast on Sunday morning and she walked down the sidewalk past a Jazzercising class where she decided she'd like to join in. Sound is a must on this one. And yes, she is very much ...white.


  1. Oh my gosh, first that video! I laughed out loud and then made Jake watch it too. Ridiculously adorable!

    Secondly, we're considering tubes for Sam right now too- he's on his 4th ear infection in less than 4 months, and his 3rd different antibiotic. Not fun at all. I've heard lots of good things about tubes, I hope you see a vast improvement right away for her!

    I do agree that as they get older, even though they are more independent, they are often more work (because it's not like they just lay there and do tummy time anymore!) Now that I'm on summer "vacation" I'm finding I'm just as exhausted at the end of the day as I was for teaching 16 kindergartners during the day as I am caring for two toddlers 24 hours a day!

    How is Lexi's reflux doing?

  2. Holy crap!! That is way too cute!!

  3. Love the video! The dancing bug has taken its hold! And I love to see how curious your little girl is to peek inside the studio.

  4. I'm having the same problem finding the time to get on here! (note how long it took me to find this!) I actually started a new blog to be primarily for photos so I can combine my hobbies into one. I won't be keeping up with the old one. Here's the link if you want to follow:

    Your cutiepie is growing by leaps and bounds! I hope the tubes helped. I had to have them twice; once when I was 6 months old and once when I was 7. I remember the hearing loss. And the return of it. I'm sure she's going to do great! And I love that she's into jazzersicing!!!