Thursday, August 12, 2010

Developments & Husband of the Year Award

A couple of days ago I posted about The Chubs cutting her first tooth. Now that I've gotten a better look at her gums, it looks like her other bottom tooth is just about to break the skin as well. You can clearly see the white tooth just below the surface of the gums. So just as we've broken the skin on her first tooth, another is to shortly follow. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, cranky several weeks ahead of us until both teeth are fully up. It's going to be very cute to see The Chubs with two bottom teeth though.

Lately she's been doing this thing where she likes to shake her head "no" for everything. Not a good sign! Thank goodness she doesn't know how to say "no" yet. We've got a little miss "thang" on our hands.

Now for the good stuff. My sweet amazing Hubs is going to watch The Chubs all weekend long while my best friend is in town. We're going to the mountains and staying at a very nice hotel with a spa. We'll be getting spa treatments, sleeping in and lounging by the pool. I seriously cannot wait! This was all The Hubs' idea. Yes, he is amazing and no you cannot have him, he's taken. Step off...


  1. Yay for teeth but I'm sorry the Chubs is in pain because of them. We're still all gums over here.

    Your weekend sounds amazing. I would give anything for a weekend like that right about now. You definitely deserve it though so relax and enjoy yourself!