Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Bash Recap

I know this is extremely late. I have been meaning to post pics for awhile now.

We had a wonderful first birthday party for The Chubs on November 19th. Her birthday was the 18th but this date worked better for the party.

My mother and I spent all week getting things prepped including a trial run with our ladybug cupcakes. We wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to achieve the look we wanted. Getting frosting to turn red is not the easiest task. I also wasn't sure I would have steady enough hands to decorate them.

It's true that we only invited family but if you know my mom and I, you know that we have the tendency to go above and beyond with pretty much anything. It was so much fun for us to put together the favors, plan the birthday fare, and decorate the room for the main event.

The party itself couldn't have gone more smoothly. Lexi was in a wonderful mood and soaked up all the attention. I was worried about how she would do since she started cutting her second top tooth on her birthday. It didn't seem to effect her and she was all smiles the entire day. She never even fussed once. I couldn't believe it. She loved all the toys she got (especially the books) and even though she didn't eat any of her cake, she had fun playing in it.

We spent the afternoon after the part at the Aquarium and she just loved looking at all the fish and the huge tanks and lights. It really couldn't have been a better day. It was so fun spending it with all the family that has supported us this entire year. This truly was a very special birthday.


  1. Did she get Cathy the Caterpillar? Camden got that too!

    And your party favors and cakes look like they belong in a magazine somewhere! That's some serious talent.

  2. Haha Kerri, she totally did! That's so funny. Must have been a popular item this year :)

  3. Ellie - the cupcakes were absolutely adorable! You and your mom must throw one heck of a party!

  4. It was SO much fun! This Grama enjoyed every minute of thinking, planning, shopping, preparing, and helping you fulfill your vision for this VERY special birthday of our VERY special little Chubs--great day, great memories!!

  5. I just love everything you did for her party! I'm hiring you to plan any parties we have coming up! :)