Monday, November 1, 2010

Something I've never done before: UPDATED

**I will announce the winner on Friday, so you have until then to enter. **

You're probably expecting me to bust out saying I kissed a donkey, or rode on an endangered elephant while playing the bagpipes (which would actually be pretty awesome). It's actually a little bit better than that... if you can imagine.

The intention of this blog from the beginning was and always has been simply to document and share what's going on in my life as a first time parent to my little Chub Muffin. Nothing in this area has changed. I'm not out to make money, get recognition or become a blogging mama superstar (plus I don't think that goal is really attainable even if I WAS trying :)). I am first and foremost a mother and I don't think blogging should ever take away time from that or become all-consuming.

So what I'm about to do is completely new, but still relevant. I am doing a giveaway. Yes, you heard that correctly.

I was contacted regarding a company that turns blogs into printed books. This really peaked my interest because I have always kind of considered my blog to be in a sense, a more detailed baby book for The Chubs, documenting our everyday life, milestones, frustrations, adventures etc. Plus I'm not very scrap-booky so the idea is even more appealing. The company I speak of is Blog2Print.

I ordered a book and it came really quickly*. They have a bunch of different patterns and styles you can choose for the outside of the book and you get to choose a photo for the front and back of it. You can also decide to print the entire blog, or just from one date to another. The site is extremely easy to use and it generates your book within minutes. You can then go through it online to preview it before you order. In a word, it's awesome.

Not that anything would probably ever happen to my blog, but it makes me feel so much better knowing everything is printed and in a hard copy. Not only is it nice to have for myself but my parents and other family members that take interest in The Chub Muffin have also expressed interest in having a hard copy for themselves so it would make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

So here's the deal. If you would like your own free printed 40-page copy of your blog enter to win by 1) Leaving me a comment about why you want your blog in print. 2) Follow Blog2Print on Twitter or Facebook. 3) Bribe me with chocolate and potato chips**. I will select a winner at random, or whoever does the best bribing**.

* I was given a complimentary book from Blog2Print in exchange for reviewing their product.

** Just kidding. Bribing won't actually help you win, but it will make you my BFF and I'll totally give you an honorable mention, which is almost as good as actually winning.


  1. Oooh, what an awesome giveaway! And it's so timely because my sister and I were JUST talking about how we want to print out our blogs to have our kiddos read when they're older. And I swear I didn't make that up; we really were just having that conversation!! So, yes, I'd love to win. And I got rid of my twitter account a while back because, if I'm being honest, I think twitter is lame and I really didn't understand the point of it. But I will like them on Facebook.

    PS- I have LOTS of leftover Halloween candy I can send your way...most of it chocolate. Just sayin... :)

  2. Very cool. I've heard about this before, but never really looked into the details. And what a fun giveaway to host!

    (FYI: my comment here is meant more for support - I'm not quite ready to make a book, but hopefully this time next year I'll feel differently. =))

    Have fun!

  3. What a great idea! I too blog instead of writing in a baby book. I'm not very good at keeping up with the book, but can keep up with the blog. I've often wondered about getting my blog "printed", but never knew how to go about it. I hope I win the give away!

  4. I've always intended to put my blog in print form... I save every post in a word document and it's already a zillion pages long! (I was waiting until a day I stayed later at work than every one else and going to town printing it all). If I won the giveaway... can you add more pages beyond the 40 free ones? :P

  5. Katie - You can still pay for more pages, you would just get the first 40 free. I got the same thing and to print my entire blog it was like $8 extra or something so not bad at all. :)

  6. I started blogging for the same a scrapbooky-journal for our family. We have family that live so far from us (California, Oregon, Iowa, and MI) and this way we can keep the up-to-date on our family. I always planned on making the blog into a book b/c when I started grad school I didn't have time to scrapbook anymore. I would definitely have to add more pages than 40, like Katie! :) What a wonderful give-away!

    alhender21 at yahoo dot com

  7. Oh, and I like Blog2Print on FB.

    alhender21 at yahoo dot com

  8. I like/follow Blog2Print on Facebook too!

  9. Like Melissa G, I am not quite ready to put my blog in print, so I am not registering to win. Perhaps when I can memoralize something more than just working on our house and selling the thing (like maybe in a few weeks if I can actually post about a baby or something!!!) then I would be ready for print.

    I think this is a wonderful giveaway and I am sure that whoever wins will really enjoy this! How great!