Tuesday, January 4, 2011

13 Months 2 Days

No, this is not the age my daughter is right now (she's 13 months and 17 days to be exact). It is the age that I was told to look out for. That my daughter's blue eyes could possibly turn brown over night on that exact day. Yes, I did say overnight.

Who would say such a thing you ask? Oh just some random lady working at the American Girl store. I'm sure she has her doctorate and is an expert on baby eye color. My mom and I popped in there about a month ago just for fun. I loved the books when I was a little girl and they have expanded their collections so much I thought it would be fun to browse and see what was available and dream about when The Chubs is old enough to start playing with them. We were in the baby doll section looking for a doll that had brown hair and blue eyes. Not because we wanted to get it for Lexi, she's not old enough to truly appreciate a doll that expensive, but just for fun. The sales associate in that particular area asked if she could help with something and my mom, being the oversharer that she is (love you mom! :)) mentioned that we were looking to see if they had any babies with brown hair and blue eyes. The saleswoman said they didn't and wanted to know why we were particular about it. I just mentioned that my daughter had that combination and it would be fun to find a doll with the same features. Then our conversation went a little like this:

Saleswoman: How old is your daughter?

Me: She just turned 1 year

Saleswoman: Well, you know her eyes can still change.

Me: Really? I thought most eye colors were set at around 8 months and green eyes are the only color that change after that.

Saleswoman: No. That was what I was told too, but at exactly 13 months and 2 days both of my children's eyes changed from blue to brown.

Me: Wow? Really? You mean overnight? Or was it gradual?

Saleswoman: It was overnight. They went to bed with blue eyes and woke up with brown! So just watch out.

Me: Um, ok? That is so weird that they changed over night. You would think it would be a little more gradual.

Saleswoman: Yes, it was weird.

Awkward silence

Saleswoman: So, just watch out for that day!

Me: Um, well thanks for your help.

So thank goodness we made it past the 13 month, 2 day mark. Looks like she's keeping her blue eyes for good.

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  1. Ha! That's funny. I'm glad Lexi gets to keep her blue eyes, too :)

    My sisters eyes were grey and changed late. Kennedy has greenish grey eyes and I'm worried they'll change late like my sisters. I guess I'll be watching out for that 13 month 2 day mark!