Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Reflections

Dear Lexi,

Having you as my daughter has been the most amazing gift I could have ever received. You were not an after thought, or a mistake. You were deeply wanted and anticipated for years. I used to sit and think about what our child might look like, what little personality they would possess, who they would most take after, and so on. You came into our world and knocked our socks off in every single area. Never in my life would I have dreamed that my daughter would be as amazing as you.

I still remember that day in the hospital when everyone was rushing around preparing for your arrival. The warming lamp snapped on over your bed, and I felt the most anticipation I have ever felt in my life. You were coming and you would be there very soon. I couldn't wait to hold you and finally answer so many questions in my head about who you would be. Then you arrived and as they placed you on my belly, I looked down into your blue eyes staring right back at me and instantly I fell in love. Nothing could ever be so amazingly perfect.

It's hard to fully explain how much you have changed me for the better, and how much you continue to teach me on a daily basis. We have been through so many ups and downs together and have formed a bond that is unmatched. The love I have for you could never be described with words.

Although our journey together has had it's share of obstacles, I am so proud of you for continually overcoming them. Nothing has come easily for you from the day you entered this world, and to see you press onward and meet every single challenge in your own time has me bursting with pride.

When you smile at me, or snuggle against my chest, I want to freeze time. Soon, I know you will be graduating high school, going to college and eventually marry some guy that hopefully measures up to your daddy. Until then, I will hold you close to me and savor these sweet moments we have together, knowing there are many more to come.

I love you very much Bug,


  1. Thank you for putting into words what I and lots of other moms feel about the children we love more than life itself.

  2. Beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day, Ellie. I hope you had a great one with your precious little girl.

  3. Exactly what I might have written to you twenty some years ago! The years go so quickly. Treasure those sweet moments. I delight in the memories of the child you were, and am so proud of the mom you've become. I love you - Mom.

  4. So beautiful and sweet. Lexi will cherish reading your words someday.