Sunday, June 6, 2010

So, so close.

In the past few weeks The Chubs has come a long way. She used to be a tummy-time hating little muffin who really just wanted to observe life. Now, she doesn't mind tummy time (she remedies that by flipping over as soon as I set her down), and she is oh so close to sitting. I know it will be any day now. She can sit independently on a lap or on a cushy surface for several minutes. When you put her on a hard floor, however, it is a different story. She lasts about 5-10 seconds tops. She is improving so much everyday that I wouldn't be surprised if she was sitting on her own in just a few weeks (or even days). My baby girl is growing up so fast! And I have to say I am quite proud of her. She is so small and pretty much any toy that is made for a 6 month old is too big for her. She gets swallowed in her Jumparoo, but even so, she makes it work and loves it. Even if that means placing a book under her feet. She has a lot of hurdles to jump over, but she never ceases to amaze me as she continues to grow and change despite them.

I love my little girl and I'm so proud of her! And I have to say, she is quite an adorable little sitter.


  1. Is it weird that I kind of wish we had a picture of Camden & The Chubs sitting next to each other? How cute would that be?!

  2. That would be so adorable Kerri! Maybe I can photoshop them sitting next to each other. Haha.

  3. Sweet post, Ellie! I can feel the pride you have in your little girl with the awesome things she is doing as she is growing up.

    Love the photoshop idea!