Wednesday, June 2, 2010

H/I, how's it going?

The answer? Not good. You may remember my bra shopping experience about a month and a half ago where I found out that I am now an ungodly bra size (thankyouverymuch, medela pump in style). What I didn't mention is that I did end up ordering a bra through the same shop that wasn't completely hideous. When I got it, I was excited. It gave me some good support and was somewhat attractive (surprisingly enough). I repeat, this was about a month and a half ago. My bra? Well, it's falling apart already. The bra we spent half of The Chub's college fund on is already showing signs of wear. Apparently even an H/I cup size can't handle these things. I can almost hear people mumble as they walk by, "Look at the funbags on that hose hound!". I noticed the other day that randomly my bra clips in back would undo, except for one that would hold on by a thread. This happened on a fairly consistent basis and I was starting to feel like a flower child (All I needed was a one way ticket to San Francisco).

I'm pretty annoyed for several reasons. First, the obvious - that I spent a good amount of money on this bra and it's not doing it's job. Second, that if this style doesn't work, I may be forced to buy one of the full coverage nudey bras with embroidered hearts on them. And third, that another expensive bra purchase is eminent, however I probably will only need it for a few more months until I stop pumping. The only thing that can remedy this situation is more cowbell.


  1. Well, I completely can't relate to this post since I'm a long time member of the IBTC but I did want to say that I loooove your new layout! So adorable.

  2. I'm still confused as to why H/I is a bad thing.