Monday, April 19, 2010

My Cups Overfloweth

Literally. This is the part where I break down and cry because the only bras that fit me look like something my grandmother might wear (nothing against my grandma - she's still got it going on). This weekend I decided that I hate the 3 nursing bras I have. They provide pretty much no support anymore and they're U-G-L-Y... they ain't got no alibi. Before pregnancy when I was a DD, I would complain that all the cute bras were made in the smaller sizes and BLAH BLAH BLAH! I didn't know how easy I had it. I would kill to be a DD right now.

So in I marched to Bosom Buddies to check out their selection since most stores don't even carry my size. They would probably look at me, laugh and send me toward the door. I was under the impression that I was now a 34 G. That in itself was depressing. So I found some bras that weren't hideous and tried them on. THEY WERE TOO SMALL!!!!! Now there is a distinct difference between a G cup and an H/I cup. Not just the size itself but the magnitude of ugliness that you reach once you cross over. I went from "hmm, these are decent looking" to "HOLY mother of flesh colored shaplessness! You expect me to wear this and pay half a months salary for it?!" Oh no they di-in't. I was starting to regret the decision to have the lady come see if the G size was fitting ok. I thought it looked fine, yeah maybe a little snug, but the styles of the G cup were tolerable. Once she took a look and said "No way jose" and pointed me toward the H/I section I had a mental breakdown.

Oh and did I mention that the straps on these things are wider than state of Texas? That leaves me with a very limited wardrobe this summer (Like I'm going to actually wear tank tops with bra straps like that!). As if it wasn't already hard enough to find shirts that don't make me look like I'm working the corner.


  1. What's wrong with H/I? Should I write a lengthy rebuttal on how great this is?

  2. Cute response from "you know who." I'm just thankful you didn't bring up your mother in this discussion. ha!

  3. Ok girl... it's time to go to the shopping meca... Nordstrom. I just checked online and it looks like they might have some decent ones in your size. In fact, some of them are really pretty. And the prices are reasonable for a quality bra. I started buying my bras from Nordstrom a couple of years ago and I've never looked back. Their sales people do a great job at fitting you and the bras actually hold up and do the job for longer than 6 months. Totally worth the investment, especially if you hand wash them instead of sticking them in the washer. Here's the link to what I found:

    We definitely need to plan a trip soon of either you coming here or me coming there... we could add this to our list of things to do! :-)

  4. Man, I came up with a really good Titanic/lifeboat quip to respond to this post. But, in an effort to not be mean and heartless, I shall suppress it. ;)

  5. I could have written this post... except that I'm not pumping anymore, so I don't need the nursing bras. I look longingly at my pre-PG DD's too. I gave up trying to squeeze into my early PG bras (DDDs) and bought two new ones this weekend. The most unsexy bras I've ever had- sigh. And the nurse at my postpartum appt. Monday had the nerve to say that some people are smaller after PG then they were before PG... including her. Like I was supposed to feel sorry for her little size B's- I could've killed her.