Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Social Butterfly, & Social Butterfly Jr.

Our daughter is most definitely social. She prefers interacting with people far above anything else. Yeah, toys are "OK", and she'll humor them for awhile, but a friendly face, smiles, giggles and some chatter is much more stimulating and exciting. In fact, whenever I leave a room I can almost count down to the second when the Chubadub will start verbally protesting my exit.

Where does she get this from? Good guess, but it's not me. It is, in fact, my social Hubadub:

(He thought the rock looked like a giant set of bebuns*. Yes, we both still act like we are in Junior High.)

I tried to find a photo of his ear glued to his cell phone but I guess that's not the most exciting photo op, so I was out of luck. The Hubs is the type that has to call someone everyday on his commute home. His commute is approximately 7-10 minutes long depending on traffic lights.

If we are in a social setting you can find him scanning the room looking for someone he knows to talk to. Once he finds them, he zeroes in and keeps watching until he can get their attention.

Growing up, it was my mom that always held us at church 30-45 minutes past the end of the service just chatting away with friends. The Hubs is going to be just like this in a few years. In fact it's already begun.

When the Chubs is in a room, she scans the room looking at all the faces and always zeroes in on either my husband's face or mine and smiles from ear to ear. She loves to chat and interact. She often can be found flirting with bystanders with her grins and giggles. There's no question where she gets it. She is, in fact, Social Butterfly Jr.

(Supposed to be napping in her carseat, but peeking out to try to catch all the action)

*a baby appropriate word for butt


  1. Ok, I'm officially convinced: Stephen and Matt are, in fact, long lost brothers. Matt is the exact same way! I always tell him that he talks on the phone more than a teenaged girl! It's crazy. There's not a day that he gets home from work when he's NOT on his cell when he walks in the door. A quiet commute home is out of the question. This is quite the opposite from me.

    I love that last picture of the Chubs. So adorable!

  2. And I wonder where her dad got it?????