Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camping 2010

For those of you who think I'm crazy for taking an infant with feeding issues on a camping trip, you are absolutely right. Let me just say, it was not a piece of cake. When I was pregnant last year and went camping with round the clock morning sickness and had to squat outside the tent in the dark to pee 5-10 times a night, THAT was easier.

After being puked on within the first hour we arrived and realizing I had a vomit stain on the only bra I brought with me, I knew I was in for an interesting weekend.

Pumping in the car in the freezing cold was not so much fun either. HOWEVER, I'm glad we did it, so we know what to expect. And it was fun spending time with family. But I don't think we'll be planning any more camping trips this year. I'm just not brave enough to try this again anytime soon.


  1. Awww, I'm sorry your camping trip wasn't as smooth as you'd hoped, but man you got some UBER CUTE pictures! And as you mentioned the experience for planning future camping trips.

    (Camping always makes me incredibly grateful for showers and indoor plumbing.)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Girl, I'm so impressed that you even tried it. Eric really wanted to go camping this year but I was too scared, so good for you! I bet it will go better next year :).

  3. Your outfit is super cute in the pic of you with Stephen. And I have to laugh b/c I think the height difference between you two is the same as the difference between Matt & me. I always feel like his child standing next to him.

    Seeing the Chubs in her jumperoo in the woods is so cute! And she seems to be having a good time in all of these pictures. I'm sorry it wasn't an easy trip for you guys. I admire you for even attempting it! You're braver than I am.

  4. You look great, Mommy! (for just having a baby)

  5. Well, I bet you'll always remember it! I did tell Jake how amazed I was that you went. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to attempt camping with Sam and Anna this summer- and he looked at me like I was from Mars. We have a pop-up camper too. Seriously- you are one extremely brave woman!