Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is on your face?

I am convinced that the person who came to the realization that oatmeal had skin care benefits was the mother of a solids refuser. Yesterday my face was covered with oatmeal. This was by suggestion of the EI Occupational Therapist at our evaluation. Since The Chubs is so interested in faces, she suggested putting some of her baby food on my face to see if she would experiment by grabbing it or touching it to familiarize herself with the texture. Well, she thought it was HILARIOUS. So I guess you could call it a minor success. I resisted the urge to gag the entire time knowing that my own breastmilk was on my face (another reason to seek therapy). I also put some on her hands so she could play with it and on her face as well. It was a very silly and messy experience. In the end I think she took 2 bites, but the point of the exercise is to get her comfortable with solids and have a positive experience. And my skin looks amazing today! (haha, as if) I know you were hoping for a picture, but I have a little more self-respect than that... believe it or not.

I've also started giving her spoons to play with and grab. She seems to like them because they are easy to hold and they have bright colored tips. We practiced opening our mouths for the spoon and as long as nothing was on it, she would open her mouth for it and kind of smile when it got in her mouth. I think this is good for her just to get used to the feeling of the spoon in her mouth.

Today we are leaving for our first camping trip with The Chubs. I know, it sounds ambitious and it is. I would be lying if I didn't say I was nervous. Hopefully it will be a positive experience for everyone and I won't come home muttering to myself and rocking back and forth.


  1. You bet I was waiting for that picture, but I can totally picture it in my mind. =) Sounds like you had a great oatmeal and spoon session. Hope camping is a success. I wonder what the Chubs will think of Smores smeared all over your face? ha!

  2. Haha! I wish you had taken pictures. Have I told you lately what an awesome mom you are??? That sounds like it was funny & adorable (& quite messy). I think it's cute that she laughed at you. Hang in there, Momma. You guys are gonna get this reflux thing figured out soon.

  3. Haha! I actually chuckled out loud reading this post. You are going to have some great memories of what you did to overcome reflux that you can recount to Lexi when she's all grown up and has babies of her own. It sounds like so far what you are doing is going well.

    Good luck camping! I hope you have beautiful weather- I can't imagine dealing with rain or thunderstorms with a baby in tow!