Friday, July 30, 2010

The land of milk and dairy

It has been 8.5 months of pumping for me and now it is coming to a close. There are many reasons for my decision to stop, but here are the main reasons:
  • I have hundreds of oz of frozen breast milk stashed in our freezer that will still last for awhile. I'd like to use them to make all those grueling hours of pumping worth it.

  • Emotionally, I just don't need one more thing to deal with each day. (The Chubs is eating round the clock (every 3 hours) because we have to do that or she won't eat enough. That means we have to commit the ultimate sin of waking a sleeping baby each night*. I have a feeling this is a forgivable offense when the alternative is shoving a feeding tube up said babies nose and making sure we don't accidentally insert it into her lungs.) I am exhausted both physically and emotionally. Adding pumping sessions to this already stressful routine is enough to send me to the looney farm. Therefore I am quitting so that The Chubs can enjoy a mother who has the time and energy to give her everything she needs.

  • Less importantly, I have been on a dairy elimination diet for several months now. It has become much easier than it was at first, but I have been terrible at taking calcium supplements and I think my teeth have suffered from the lack of calcium in my diet. Also, I just want to have a big chocolate milkshake, is that so wrong?
In a few weeks my best friend from Texas is coming to visit. My wonderful husband is giving us a weekend away in the mountains at a hotel and spa where I will be baby free and don't have to mull over puke, food refusal, poor napping and tiring nights followed by exhausting days. I want to be completely done pumping by then so I don't even have to deal with that.

And whats one of the best parts about ending this pumping business (other than the fact that I won't have to spend hours sitting in a chair hooked up to my pump horns in a bored and tired daze)? My "girls" will get smaller and hopefully I can start wearing "normal" bras again. I may even be able to get back into my previous bathing suit without looking like a hoochie. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves ...

* The wise people who say these sorts of things, have a baby with absolutely no health problems. Congratulations to them! I bet their babies also poop rainbows and butterflies that smell like strawberry jam.


  1. Moms of multiples have been committing that "sin" for a long long time. Even moms of healthy twins or triplets. I'm pretty sure that every twin out there isn't a serial killer or inmate. :)

    I'm excited for you! I think once you get adjusted to this new situation and settle in to a new routine sans pumps (or guilt), you're going to be really happy. I was.

    And oh my gosh- what an awesome weekend getaway! I'll live vicariously through you!

  2. Good for you!!! I will be thinking of you during this change. & holy vacation away batman!! It sound absolutely fabulous!!

  3. Wow! That trip to the mountains sounds amazing!! You deserve it so much too.

    Congrats on making it 8.5 months exclusively pumping-- not an easy feat, to be sure. And with all that frozen milk you have saved, she'll still be getting breastmilk for a while anyway.

    I hope this change helps to make things a little more manageable for you.

  4. Are you talking about the bags of milk that are in the freezer? I've been using them to make smoothies!! Shoot... sorry babe!

  5. What a great hubby to give you a MUCH deserved vacation! I'm so excited for you! On another note, I think it's incredible that you've been pumping for as long as you have. It will be a good change for you both, The Chubs will still get everything she needs and it will relieve a lot of stress for you. Yay!