Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As "Normal" As it Gets

Part of the slew of testing that all of The Chubs' doctors wanted her to get was genetic testing. It was basically just to rule out any underlying issues why she's small, has been slower to grow, and has had trouble hitting milestones. Granted, her OT and I both already knew the answer to those questions was related to her sensory stuff, but to satisfy the doctors we went through with it.

It started with a renal ultrasound and some x-rays. Then we did an EKG and echo of her heart. All of these things checked out completely normal. The lady at the hospital even rolled her eyes when she looked at the charts. "Genetics is fishing for answers again, huh?". I just nodded and kind of laughed. You could tell she was a little irritated with the department at Children's. "Well they are not going to find answers here!". I wanted to kiss her, but that would be weird.

Then the final thing that I had been dragging my feet about for ages was the blood test. I knew The Chubs would flip out and she did. She puked like 5 times during the blood draw and the nurse was in absolute disgust claiming she had "never seen a child do that before". I suppose she was new because seriously? Kids puke from crying all the time. I mean it's not like EVERY kid does, but a lot of kids, if they get worked up enough, they'll gag or vomit. Anyway, that's beside the point. We made it through (barely) and she even got a toy at the end that she was pretty excited about. It was Christmas time so every patient was getting a toy. Kind of fun.

The results said they would take about 2-4 weeks. About 6 weeks later in typical medical fashion, we finally got a note in the mail (so nice of them to call and ease our minds!), saying that all results were normal. So basically for being a part of THIS family, she's as normal as it gets. It was a huge relief just to know there isn't anything else that could be causing issues. Now if we can tackle this sensory stuff we'll be all set!


  1. I was wondering how all of that testing went. So glad to hear it went well.

    That nurse is annoying. One of the nurses at our pedi's office said she'd never seen a baby act like Camden when he clung to me & cried when she was trying to listen to his heart. I guess she's never had a shy patient w/ stranger anxiety. Maybe she was new too. ;)

    Totally wouldn't have been weird to kiss that other nurse. That's completely normal and acceptable, I think. :)

  2. Glad to hear all of the testing came back normal. I wish the Chubs the best of luck in working through her challenges with sensory experiences. And with my school work at the hospital, I have heard of kiddos who have unfortunately had the same experience and reaction to a procedure that was stressful for them. The Chubs is not the only one to react that way and given her history in the hospital and being so young, it is understandable if she is scared. She is at a very vulnerable age to have had so many tests. I think sometimes when hospital staff are around this kind of stuff all of the time that they might forget that this is not "normal" for the child or the family.