Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free preview

Today I took The Chubs to a free session of Kinder.musik. It was recommended to me by a trusted friend and seemed like a great idea. Lexi absolutely loves music. Every time she hears music she starts bopping up and down or rocking side to side. I've been wanting to get out and do something fun with The Chubs that doesn't involve therapy and give her exposure to other kids her age and give me the chance to meet other moms. I didn't really know much about it. I just knew they did activities that involved the kids and moms together and incorporated music into these activities. Then about 20 minutes before I was about to leave I watched this preview video:

All of a sudden I was worried that I was going to burst out laughing in the middle of the class because let's face it -it looks like a bunch of home school moms (seriously nothing wrong with homeschooling- really - just describing a type that sews their own skirts and wears burkenstock sandles with hair that goes to their butts*) doing tribal dances and chanting that take this class really seriously. Or another type that is stuck in the 80's wearing denim vests or jackets with spandex/stirrup pants. Not my thing.

So I was a little apprehensive before going to the class. The Hubs was planning on joining me so I was fearful that it would turn into the church syndrome... you know the one where you aren't supposed to laugh but because you can't it makes it even more funny and you just keep spurring each other on? What if they made us do interpretive dancing under a parachute or something? I just didn't think I could handle that kind of awkwardness.

So we get there and there are like 5 other little cute babies and their moms and a totally normal looking lady smiling at us. I already sighed in relief because she didn't smell of hemp and greeted us with a "hi" instead of "nomaste" (which really would be fine if this was a baby yoga class).

The rest of the class was just plain cute and I think The Chubs thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nothing like the video (Thank God...seriously). We're still contemplating if it's worth the $150 for 6 sessions but it's good to have at least trialed it and now know what goes on at one.

** There is nothing wrong with sewing your own skirts, wearing burkenstocks or having butt length hair, although it violates several fashion codes. I however, do not relate to these women, and that is mainly the point I'm trying to make. I would not fit in, in a setting like this. Please do not send me hate mail!

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