Friday, February 4, 2011


Lately The Chubs has been really working on her fake cry. Her face looks so pathetic and she musters up a long drawn out whine that is shortly followed by a glance in our direction to see if we're watching. Even today in her crib, she's working on it. I can see the pathetic expression on her face and the effort she is putting into the whine but after each short outburst, her face returns to normal, and then she begins again a few seconds later after a much needed break. No tears, no sniffing, just a long dramatic "ahhhhhhhhhhh" with a few inflections here and there with a scrunched up pouty face. I have to admire her persistence.

She's been using this technique quite a bit lately. Sometimes she can get herself so into the part where she starts to form real tears, but she doesn't yet have the stamina to keep a consistent fuss going. There are usually several breaks in between her outbursts because faking it is hard work!

Even now as I type this, she's finally passed out from sheer exhaustion. She gave it her all, but was defeated. And although she is quite passionate, I don't think she should consider a career in acting.


  1. Oh, the fake cry! Camden mastered that a while back. Actually, I shouldn't say "mastered" because it's about as pathetic an attempt at acting as it sounds like Lexi's "cry" is. It's pretty darn cute though-- the scrunced, pouty face with no tears. It's funny how they start trying different attention-seeking methods this early on.

  2. So funny and so cute too!

    I think you should try to get it on video so you can tease her with it when she's older.