Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My little vegan

It's becoming increasingly evident that my daughter is in fact a vegan. She even borderlines a raw vegan because she only will eat foods at room temperature. I'm not quite clear on her spiritual or moral convictions concerning this life choice, but what I do know is that as time goes on, it is becoming an indisputable fact.

As an infant The Chubs was seemingly intolerant to dairy. When I tried introducing pureed meat to her, I think I saw her laughing at me, or maybe she was trying to perfectly time a projectile vomit all over my shirt. Either way, neither of these food groups went down in a successful manner. Since her first birthday I have tried to reintroduce some dairy into her diet. I think her system can tolerate small amounts but I really don't think she digs the taste of any sort of dairy. Either that, or as suspected, she is not a fan of animal products - and really when you say it like that it doesn't sound too appetizing I suppose.

Perhaps when she cries and points at our cats as they walk around the house she is in fact trying to say "Save the kitties, don't eat meat!", or when she shakes her head in disgust over a spoon full of yogurt she's saying "Don't milk the innocent! A cow goes moo!!!", or maybe it's a self image thing and all these months of referring to her as "The Chubs" has finally gotten to her. No matter what it is, though, we support her decisions and although we don't understand all of them, we will respectfully cater to her wishes for the time being and as long as she continues to tolerate large amounts of safflower oil in her fruits and veggies, we'll call it good.


  1. Too funny!!! Vegans need love too ;)

  2. Not to worry. One day she'll discover ice cream and change her little mind. =)

  3. She'd make a super cute PETA billboard! ;)

  4. Haha, this is adorable! <3
    As for the ice cream commenter, if she has issues with dairy,in order to enjoy it, she's have to take a pill! Seems inconvenient to eat something not very good for you. That said, there's amazing vegan ice creams out there. >_>

    Anyway, I LOVE the fact that you support your daughter's dietary decisions, even through she's not at the point of talking yet. She will probably be a lot healthier without all that extra crap in her food.
    And there's also a chance she will abhor PETA(a lot of vegans do including myself) but she will prolly like them as a kid cuz of their mascot Nugget. xD