Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Compare Snare

I think any first time mom is guilty of falling into this trap. You know, the one where you try to measure your child against another for one of two reasons. A) You want to confirm how great your child is, because let's face it, you, your husband and entire extended family agree that he/she is absolutely brilliant! - or - B) You want to find something new to worry about and lose sleep over because hey, Billy Joe over there is doing A, B and C and your child hasn't even done AA yet (ok, enough with the bra size references).

Well guess what? I'm over the comparing. No, really I am. Many people say they're "over it" when they really aren't, but I am taking proactive steps toward just enjoying and focusing on my child and not spending hours obsessing or worrying about what she is or isn't doing. The first thing I've done is unsubscribe from Babycenter updates. You know the ones that say "your child is probably doing this by now... yadda yadda yoooo" When I used to read those and I'd come across something that The Chubadub wasn't doing yet, I freeeeeaked out. And in turn, my husband would roll his eyes and sigh (a minor source of conflict in our marriage).

Another thing I've done (quite novel actually) is start to listen to Senorita Chub's pediatrician. Imagine that! Instead of using Doctor Google, and various community forums filled with obsessive mom's looking for trouble, I've decided that maybe since her pediatrician actually knows her and exactly what she is and isn't doing and is fine with it, I can be fine with it too. Oh sweet revelation! Sweet mind freeing goodness!

So - I am banning myself from internet searching and oogly googling. My little muffin is 5 months old now and I am going to enjoy every minute.


  1. Yep- I'm guilty of that too, specifically when it comes to nighttime sleeping. Camden, as you know, is a pretty terrible sleeper at night. And I swear that everyone else's 5 month old is sleeping through the night. I really had to just make a conscious decision to not let it bother me. It will come in time. Every child has his/her own timeline for different things. I think this is one of the things we'll look back at a few years from now and roll our eyes about how obsessive we were. Btw, Stephen sounds a lot like Matt!

  2. Good for you. Each child is unique and will do things in the right timeframe for them. Anyway don't worry about those other babies- Lexi has SO many other babies beat in the looks dept. anyway.

  3. Good for you!! And you are right, the extended family thinks she is not only brilliant, she is absolutely the most wonderful baby in the world!!