Monday, April 26, 2010

The Inconvenience of Natural Disasters

So everyone would probably admit that there aren't any natural disasters that are convenient, but when you have a baby, the inconvenience increases ten fold.

The other day The Chub Muffin and I were hanging out, blowing spit bubbles and waving our arms around (thank goodness there are no hidden cameras in my home. However I suppose if there were, I wouldn't know because they'd be hidden) and I heard our weather radio go off. It said their was a tornado warning in our area and to "take cover immediately". It was about time for the Senorita to go down for her nap so she was already in a fairly foul mood. Immediately I took her down to the basement in her bouncer, but it was cold, so I need to bring in the portable heater.

After that I ran upstairs to get her paci because WOE if we were stuck down there without one of her most precious possessions. Then I grabbed some of her blankets to help keep her warm. Then I realized I should bring some extra milk down in case we were stuck there for awhile. This reminded me I should also grab my pump and pump horns just to cover my bases, in case, you know, we were down there for an indefinite period of time. Then I grabbed her precious haberman bottle since even in the most dire circumstances she wouldn't accept my boob. Then I realized, I needed my cell phone; some sort of communication with the outside world. Then I remembered I should grab my laptop, in case my cell phone couldn't get reception and so I could check on the weather and converse with my husband via google chat. Then I realized I didn't have any diapers, so I ran up and grabbed her diapers, wipes and butt paste. Anyway, you get the idea. By the time I had grabbed all of these items the warning was over and it was "clear" to go back upstairs. Half her nursery was in the basement at this point.

The good news is there wasn't ever a tornado. The natural disaster ended up being me (and the entire basement bedroom).


  1. HA! Maybe you need to create a baby natural disaster readiness kit. You could make millions!

  2. Oh my goodness, I never thought of it like that. We don't have tornadoes here very often but it just reminds me that I'll have to have a whole kit just for GG during Hurricane season. You are just like me though, gotta think of everything! Bet you've already got an emergency kit together with all that stuff just in case there's a next time...