Friday, April 9, 2010


Lately I have been shedding hair like a bearded collie in the heat of summer. It's pretty gross to run your hand through your hair and get huge chunks tangled in your hand. And you know when there's a hair on you somewhere that is tickling your arm, or back etc but you can't seem to find where it's coming from? That happens on a whole new level now. Hopefully I won't be bald by May. At the rate I'm shedding I could probably weave a small rug for our front door.

In other news, The Chubs is finally rubbing her hair thin on the back of her head. She has yet to get a bald spot (she had a lot of hair to begin with) but now it's looking like this guy:

(really long on top but short on the sides)

She achieves this look by rubbing her head side to side at a rapid speed (sometimes it looks like someone pressed the fast forward button on the video monitor). I'm not sure if this is her way of soothing herself to sleep (try it, it makes you dizzy and lightheaded so why not use it as a sleep aid?), or if she just enjoys a great neck stretch. It is possible she just got tired of the way I was styling her hair and took matters into her own hands. I mean, who wouldn't want to look like the guy above (or is it a woman? I'm torn.)


  1. You might want to get your thyroid check... losing hair is sometimes a symptom. Or it may just be your hormones adjusting from all the changes. Either way, I doubt you'll go bald. If you do, maybe you could start your own line of hair scarves. I would buy them.

  2. Apparently it's common for this to happen several months after pregnancy. I've had several friends have the same thing happen. During pregnancy you grow extra hair and then afterward you start shedding more to get back to normal. But I'm glad I have a back up business plan in case I go bald! haha.

  3. Yep- hair loss is super common a few months post-partum. I'm hoping I can skip over that part! On another note, Camden does the side-to-side head thrashing too. I think it is a self-soothing thing. After all, we don't really give them many soothing options when they're swaddled with their arms tied down. :) They're resourceful!

    PS- I hate swaddling. Hate it. But I can't stop it. At this rate, I am going to be swaddling Camden when he's 10.

  4. Love the new picture in the blog name. The Chubs is getting cuter every day.
    I am sorry that your hair loss is driving you crazy - I don't get handfulls of hair and I know it isn't the same thing, but I shed like crazy all the time. Derek is always pulling my hairs out of his clothes or his mouth (don't get any dirty ideas, I meant the hair on my head...)

  5. Haha, Ellie I hope the hair loss isn't permanent or that the Chubs new do doesn't become permanent. You are so funny!

  6. I think it's a girl.

    Did you write that fascinating piece under LE jr's new picture?

  7. I keep telling my husband I could have made a few wigs by now with all the hair that I am losing. My little one is just a few days younger than yours....she has the bald spot! She actually started to loose all of her baby hair when I started shedding. She is finally getting some fresh growth, but it is so blond you can't see it. And yes, the side to side thing with the head! I notice she does it most when she is tired and trying to get herself to sleep....