Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture Perfect

I'll post more about our Easter weekend later , but first wanted to share a family photo my uncle took that pretty much sums up the blog in general:

If this doesn't say it all... I don't know what does.


  1. BEAUTIFUL Picture!!!

    You all look so great! Too bad it's too early for a Christmas card... Happy Cinco De Mayo maybe? lol

    Thanks for sharing Ellie!

  2. You all look so happy! It is all just too sweet and I am so happy for y'all!!!

  3. perfect! She looks so dainty and lady-like and then...out comes the spit-up!

  4. Hi!! I'm Alisha Nicole (Button's) cousin! I just read the beginnings of your blog and just want to say your story truly has touched me! My son is almost exactly 1 yr older than Senorita Chub Chubs and I'd love for them to meet someday! Your so clever and cute with your blogging! I bet Doreen loves to read it, you somewhat remind me of her. We just found out we're expecting our second! And I think I'll read your blogs again when this one is born to find humor again in those difficult newborn times!! Keep it up girl we love reading!