Saturday, February 20, 2010

All Dolled Up

Grama and Grampa are in town this weekend and one order of business was to find Senorita Chub Chubs an Easter Dress. We didn't actually end up coming home with a dress but we did come home with this:

As you can tell, she loves it. She was a good sport as we put multiple large floral arrangements on her head.

The Chubs: "I'm glad you're finding this SO amusing. I'll get even with you later as I blowout all over your sweatpants."

We also ended up with some adorable outfits for her to wear in an upcoming photo shoot courtesy of my uncle (one of which matches the above headband). I'm really excited about this since he is an amazing photographer and is willing to do this for us out of the kindness of his heart. I was also excited to finally be purchasing some 0-3 month clothing for The Chubs. I'm hoping in another month she'll fit in it since Newborn is finally getting a little tight and she's starting to get a tad self conscious:

"Does this onesie make me look fat? Do these 1-2 size diapers make my bebuns look big?"

And finally, one more cute picture just because:

(Have you noticed our little Chub Muffin is always wearing a bib? And have you noticed it always matches? Gotta look cute even when you're projectile vomiting.)

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