Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toilet Training on the Prince Lionheart

What is this, you ask?

Why, it's a Prince Lionheart of course! What? You thought it was a Bumbo? Well, so did I when I picked it up at a garage sale for 5 bucks. However, upon further observation (looking under the seat) I noticed it is a cheap rip off. And how fitting that this royal thrown would serve two purposes. A) A prop to help Senorita Chub Chubs learn how to sit up and B) a potty training device. You may be confused as to why I would consider "B" as one of its purposes. This was all The Chubs' idea (she's a clever one). You see, almost every time I have her sit in it, I hear a loud squirting explosion from down under. I can relate to where she's coming from. Who wants to poop lying down? Have you ever tried it? I haven't but I can imagine it would be very hard to get the proper muscles to bear down, plus you don't have gravity working with you. I really do have a brilliant little daughter who will most likely be using the toilet by the time she's 4 months old.

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  1. Haha, we just got Camden a Bumbo seat and the box actually lists potty training as one of its uses! Your daughter is a smart one to have figured that out all on her own. Oh, and I love that picture of her on the side where she's rolling her eyes-- Camden makes that same expression all of the time! So glad you're blogging now. I've gotta go get caught up on your entries! :)