Monday, February 15, 2010

Why I jumped aboard

For months now I have contemplated whether or not to start a blog. There seemed to be many reasons not to. For instance, do I really have time to talk about the mundane and not so mundane things that happen to me from day to day as a first time mom who barely has time to shower, sleep and sometimes even eat? Would my stories actually be interesting enough to capture the attention of anyone other than my dear husband who (God bless him) does not roll is eyes at me from sheer boredom each time I ramble off another detail of our daughter's nap schedule that day, or the color of her poop? But the writer in me couldn't stand passing up another chance to talk about all these things in greater detail and go a step further to put them in writing so if anything, we can have a documentation of what our lives were like during the first year of our firstborn's life.

Whether you're bored at work and having nothing better to do, or you're interested to know what it looks like to be a stay at home mom with a bright-eyed, spitting, poop factory that despite the gory details brings the most joy and love you thought you could ever have... then read on. I promise to overshare and brag incessantly about the cutest baby that has ever graced God's green earth.

(just in case you needed proof)

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