Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ape-Leg April

For all of you women who have had to suffer through Mustache March, I'm creating Ape-Leg April. One full month of letting the leg hair grow out and go wild. Maybe then, my husband will start to understand just how irritating it's been to look at his mustache all month.


  1. I know I commented on this on Facebook already, but this is too funny. His mustache is hilarious...and it makes for an especially awesome combo with his wife-beater t-shirt.

  2. Hahaha! I second the wife-beater combo. :)

  3. Ha, great picture. Your hubby is such a ham!

    Wanna know something funny? In the 10+ years that Brian and I have been together I have NEVER seen him without facial hair. He's always had a goatee or beard. He sports the beard from about November to February - AND I LOVE IT.

    Different strokes... =)