Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Many people say you should be able to take care of a plant before you have a baby. This is to give you a responsibility lesson, because a plant requires so much less effort and maintenance than a child does. You water a plant maybe once or twice a day, and then just let it sit there.

Does the image above concern you? Does it concern you that my plant is dead, but I am also taking care of this:

A child that is growing like a weed and needs to be watered about 6 times a day. Don't worry though, judging from the above expression I must be doing a terrific job.


  1. heeheehee- I always kill plants too. But my dogs survived for years, so I am confident that my babies will too. :)

    I sent you a message on BBC about the preemie clothes... you can email me at jkedson(at)att(dot)net. Thanks so much for offering!

  2. Hahaha... do you remember when we were in college and decided to get plants to prove we could be capable of raising a child? I have yet to keep a plant alive since. Yikes.

    I think you're living proof of that theory being totally ridiculous. Besides, your baby is much cuter than some stupid plant.