Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Where everybody knows your...(boobs)"

When we were at Children's Hospital after The Chubs was born, I felt like my boobs were on display for everyone to see at ALL times. Between attempts to breastfeed and pumping, I rarely had a shirt on. It's embarrassing but also amusing at the same time when you go down to the Cafeteria and frequently run into people who have seen your boobs. "Oh, there's the neurologist whose seen my boobs", "Oh there's the dermatologist. Yep, also seen my boobs", "Oh and there's that random Asian dude that popped his head over our divider (3 times, no less) while I was pumping to grab the nurse."

As I've stated before, I'm a pretty modest person so this definitely stretched me beyond my comfort level, however by the end of our stay there I probably could've walked the entire hospital topless and not noticed. Once we got home though, I fell back into modest mode.

While we were at Children's we became very close with a nurse there. She signed up to become our primary nurse and was absolutely wonderful. I love her to death. Today I met her for lunch. She wanted to catch up and see The Chubs now that she is almost 4 months old. Prior to our meeting I realized that she has seen my boobs far more than any of my girlfriends. This was a little awkward for me. I felt like I needed to preface our lunch date with "Don't worry, I'll have a shirt on!!!" but I have a feeling that would make things even more weird.

Midway through our lunch I was feeling good, thinking to myself how silly it was that I would even think she'd remember my boobs at all. She's a medical professional for heavens sake! She sees this type of thing all the time. And then she made this comment: "I went to shop for nursing bras the other day and thought of you.." (well, that's sweet...) (Oh, and she's pregnant right now by the way...) "I remember you telling me that you went up (x amount of) cup sizes during pregnancy/after birth." (... where is this leading?) "I don't think I've ever met such a little person with such big boobs."

Ok, worst fear realized. She DOES remember. But at least she's not the Simon Cowell of boobs ("Those things are absolutely hideous.") In which case I would have to run away crying and hugging my chest to avoid whiplash in the eye.

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