Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A disturbing thought

I'm a stalker of BabyCenter.com. Not only do I get weekly updates on my child's development but I also found some wonderful lifelong friends on there during our struggle with infertility. I couldn't have gotten through my IF journey without them.

However, sometimes there are some very interesting posts and topics that I come across. Kind of like a car wreck. It's a mess but you can't stop looking. Today I came across this post.

To summarize (in case you're too lazy to click on it, and believe me, I understand if you are) a community member was wanting to know if it was ok if her husband tasted her breast milk. This question in itself is not THAT strange I suppose. I would be lying if I myself had not pondered this question before, or had even a touch of curiosity about what it tasted like. HOWEVER! However!!! the comments made below the question disturb me greatly. There is a difference between tasting it just out of curiosity and making it a habit or the milk that you use on your corn flakes each morning.

Let me highlight a few choice comments:

"I think that if he wants to and you are comfy with it... go ahead... its natural"

Not sure about that one. Yes breast milk is natural, but is it "natural" to have your husband drink it? Probably not.

"I let my husband try one night when I was too full and baby was asleep. We both enjoyed it and have continued."

That's what breast pumps are for.

"What a beautiful, intimate thing to share with someone you love and hope to live a long and healthy life with. "

I'm not sure I would necessarily call this beautiful and intimate. More like creepy and wrong, but to each his own.

"I personaly dont find anything wrong with this, my husband has been drinking my milk off and on for almost 6 years now"

Now THAT is weird beyond words (and she could use some spelling and punctuation lessons).

But I digress. As one poster politely stated:

"What you do in the PRIVACY of you OWN home is YOUR BUSINESS!"

I couldn't agree more. So let's all keep our creepy fetishes to ourselves... sound good?


  1. In the privacy of our own blog, I think it's pretty tasty.

  2. Gross. Gross. Gross. Call me immature, but ick. I saw a post on BBC where a woman wrote that she was really mad at her husband because he keeps pooping in the bathtub. Her husband, not her child. I agree with you-- I have also met some great friends on that site, but there are a lot of weirdos out there too!

  3. Wow Kerri, her husband was pooping in the bathtub??? I'm speechless.

  4. This was on the homepage of our local news station's website...


    Yeah. And you thought just drinking it was gross!

  5. Jes, that is DISGUSTING!!! I can't believe anyone would even try that.