Saturday, March 27, 2010

Note to self ...

Don't call your husband a drama queen, unless you're willing to face the consequences:

Our conversation went something like this:

Ellie: Can you be a little bit quieter, The Chubs is sleeping right above us.
Hubs: I wasn't talking that loud! (still talking loudly)
Ellie: You're just kind of loud person in general
Hubs: (speed walking toward door to the garage) I'm going to take a long drive and I don't know when I'll be back.... maybe 2 hours, maybe tomorrow!! (in dramatic voice)
Ellie: (Laughing, goes the computer and plays this:
Hubs: (walking back and hiding behind kitchen entry, then slowly moves into the kitchen as he hears the song) Why are you playing that?
Ellie: I just like the song!
Hubs: Why are you REALLY playing that?
Ellie: You're kind of a drama queen sometimes
Hubs: (has something behind his back)

Enter whipped cream fight ...

And no, not THAT kind. It was completely innocent :)

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