Monday, March 15, 2010

Digestive Dancing

Meal time around here is a time to (obviously) get nourishment, but also to practice our dance moves and take a really great poop.

The Chubs has a ritual when eating. It is very sacred and she probably doesn't want me to even be sharing this on the internet, but it's important to document this ritual while it is still in place.

Her eating routine goes something like this:

I get her up from her nap and take her downstairs. She is all smiles until we round the corner of the stairs, then the eager anticipation comes with a bit of crying and lip smacking because rounding that corner reminds her what is to come and that she has to have it RIGHT NOW!!

Insert bottle into mouth and frantic sucking begins with some eye rolls into the back of the head because "oh, this is sooooo good!". About 2oz into her feeding, her dancing begins. First a pause, then a very long drawn out grunt followed by a beet red face and some martial art movements with her arms. At this point we usually hear a "pooot pooot poooooooot poot poot poot poot" from her behind that ends with a half sigh/ half grunt of relief. Then the sucking begins again and depending on the load she has that morning, many more arm movements, grunts and noises from down under may continue throughout the rest of the feeding.

This is what we call her digestive dance.


  1. I think she may get some of her great dance moves from her mama! =)

  2. Ellie, you are such a great blogger, I am so ashamed I didn't know you were blogging sooner. I can honestly say I caught up and read every post and laughed with almost all of them. I even showed my hubby Chub's drunken milk video and he laughed too. Glad to have found you finally! Love you bunches.