Monday, March 29, 2010

"A Series of Unfortunate Events" (For my Mom)

It's a tradition in my family to take a picture of each girl at 4 months in an heirloom dress that has been passed on now for 4 generations. In this photo, each baby girl has the same facial expression and is in relatively the same pose. Now that The Chubs is 4 months old, the time has come to accomplish the impossible task; getting a shot of her in the same exact pose. And, an added challenge of making her not look absolutely ridiculous in a dress that is 3x too big for her.

First off, (so Grama Jingles doesn't get her hopes up) we were not successful. We came close, but not close enough. The next series of photos will sum up our photo shoot this afternoon.

Off to a good start (she's happy and hasn't spit up yet)

Starting to slouch a bit

This was the closest shot that we got, but her hair looks ridiculous and the smile isn't quite right.

Fascinated with the dress (A major point of distraction throughout the entire shoot)

And this is where it starts going downhill... literally

I would show the rest but most of them are a sad and annoyed baby that has had just about enough of being photographed. So Grama Jingles, we may just need your expertise for this one.

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  1. That is hilarious!!! She has a mind of her own!! I hope you can get the picture sometime!!