Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Have you ever seen one of those shows about those really really "obese" people? You know the ones that eat 33,000 calories a day and need a fork lift to move them from point A to point B? Well, The Chubs can relate to these people.

I saw an episode awhile ago where this really large woman actually got food stuck in her fat rolls and it would start to decay without her knowing it. Then there would be this foul stench that she didn't know where exactly it was coming from (other than the fact that she probably hadn't fit into a shower in years).

The Chubs has many chins and many neck rolls that like to hide chunks of spit and milk. I try to clean these areas as best as I can but sometimes they are difficult to find. However if you smell closely you can get a whiff of turning milk. When I find a problematic fat roll that is harvesting a chunk of curdled milk, The Chubs fights me. She absolutely HATES it. I imagine that's how the 600 lb. woman feels when someone tries to peel a bagel bite out of one of her belly rolls. Violated, and jipped.

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